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New Oregon Law requires ignition interlock devices to have video camera and GPS.

Welcome to The LeSueur Law Firm

Attorney Henry LeSueur

We are a law firm that represents individuals in Family Law and Criminal Defense matters in the Portland, Oregon area. We help people through their divorces, child custody disputes and criminal charges in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties. We pride ourselves on being friendly and accessible and on providing value to our clients.

This is a small firm by design. We have one lawyer, Henry D. LeSueur, and you will often reach him directly when you call our office. His assistant, Evan Goldberg, is also a member of this firm and assists Henry's clients while he is in court and meetings. Evan also coordinates assistance from a trusted network of investigators, financial planners and custody evaluators that provide acuity to our legal analysis and ammunition for your case. Our goal is to provide a unprecedented level of detailed analysis and client responsiveness to every case we take on.

We are proud to announce the we have settled into a new office in downtown Portland overlooking Waterfront Park and within walking distance to the Multnomah County Courthouse. We chose this location because we wanted a stunning, yet comfortable office that reflects the premier level of service we offer our clients. So whether are looking for a lawyer for the first time or are looking to establish a relationship with a law firm that works better for you, give us a call and relax. We'll get to work for you.